• Sep 25 2017

    Selling Your Home? What You Need To Know About Your Homeowners Insurance

    Are you trying to decide if now is the right time to be selling your home? Well, it is true that not many business sectors can claim to have rebounded more successfully over the past several years than the real estate market has. In 2012, housing prices across the U.S. hit rock bottom. Now, just…

  • Aug 28 2017

    Why Auto Rates Appear To Be Rising

    As a member of the Arbella Insurance Group, Bearingstar Insurance has the opportunity to provide you great coverage from a local carrier. It also allows us utilize their experience when it comes to keeping you informed on industry trends. We recently spoke with Erin Schaaf, Arbella’s assistant vice president of Personal Lines Product, about rising…

  • Aug 25 2017

    Bearingstar Charitable Fund – 2017 Update: Part 1

    Established in 2012, the mission of Bearingstar Insurance Charitable Fund (“BICF”) is to engage in activities and support local nonprofit organizations that have a positive impact in the lives of people and communities that we serve. This support is achieved through the Community Gift Program of the Bearingstar Insurance Charitable Fund, a division of the…

  • Aug 07 2017

    Summer Home Safety Tips

    The oversized beach ball is being tossed around in the pool, the kids are playing baseball in the yard, you’re throwing one-of-a-kind Ina Garten-style cookouts on the weekends, and, being the neighborhood’s “host with the most,” you, of course, always have drinks chilling in the cooler. It’s been a long wait for these summer days,…

  • Jun 26 2017

    To Secure Your Home, You Need More Than An Alarm System! Why Life Insurance Protection Is A Great Way To Safeguard Your Investment.

    So far, in our blog series on Life Insurance, we’ve discussed the importance of securing a life insurance policy no matter what stage of life you find yourself in, including if you are single, married or have a family. We also offered specific examples of why, no matter what your age or lifestyle, life insurance…

  • Jun 19 2017

    Single, Married or Building a Family? Why Having Life Insurance Can Help Smooth The Path To Financial Security – Part 3: Life Insurance for Singles

    So far in our blog series on Life Insurance, we have discussed the importance of securing a life insurance policy if you are married or in a long-term committed relationship, and/or a parent. We also addressed some of the most commonly held misconceptions about life insurance, including the belief that it is expensive, complicated, and…