The Value of Having an Insurance Agent

The Value of Having an Insurance Agent

Apr 17 2020

The Value of Having an Insurance Agent

Meeting your insurance agent

Picture this: you just got in a fender bender and you need to call your agent. Do you want to speak to a call center in Cleveland, or do you want to speak to an agent in your own neighborhood? Our agents are local experts that you can trust! 

It shouldn’t take 15 minutes or less

There are many factors that go into pricing an insurance policy. Insurance can be complicated. If you purchase your auto insurance online, will you know if you need Medpay or PIP? Should you put your teenage driver on your policy or have them get one in their own name? Leave it to the experts! By working with an agent, you can rest assured that you’re getting the coverage you need with all the right discounts. 

Insurance agents are discount detectives

Our insurance agents WANT to help you save money, and get you the best coverage for you!  By choosing an agent you not only are getting a trusted advisor but the best coverage at an affordable price.

What’s so important about being local?

Our local agents live in the same communities as you do—they know that pothole, drive through the same dangerous intersection, and deal with the same crazy weather. You are also helping the economy that you live in, which can be very important to keeping our local economy strong.  It’s a personal touch and local connection that a national carrier, with home offices located far away, may not provide.


Do you understand the differences in: Comprehensive, Bodily Injury, UMBI, UMPD, PIP, Medpay or how much fungus coverage you get on your homeowner’s policy? It is so important to have a local insurance agent because they can help you understand these things and counsel you on what options are best for you.


Truck, Home, Auto, Life, Motorcycle, Business, Commercial and more, all at one place! Our insurance agents can help you with all of your insurance needs so you don’t need to remember where each product is.


Making a claim can be confusing and frustrating. It’s like getting lemon juice in a paper cut. Nobody wants that. But by working with an agent, you have an advocate who will work with you if you ever have to file a claim. They will guide you through the process and work to make sure it goes smoothly. And you’ll hardly feel the sting of the claim at all.

At Bearingstar we have agents in communities throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut ready to help you.  Contact a local Bearingstar agent today to get the personalized service you deserve!

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