At Bearingstar, providing exceptional service to our customers is a top priority

Treating people with respect and building lasting relationships are critical to Bearingstar’s success—that goes for employees and customers alike. Bearingstar offers all employees a welcoming and friendly work environment that allows employees to be at their best, and encourages them to excel in their jobs while nurturing the delicate work-life balance. Bearingstar offers competitive salaries and incentives, a fabulous benefits package, ongoing learning opportunities, and a comfortable work environment in an open and friendly atmosphere. When you work for Bearingstar, you’re part of a family.

Bearingstar strives to create an environment that values diversity and inclusion by promoting leadership and camaraderie in every office. Management and staff work together to continuously improve customer service. Bearingstar values unique contributions and rewards creativity, initiative, and leadership.

If you are looking for a rewarding career in an environment that provides expert insurance counseling, exceptional customer service, dynamic teamwork, and flexibility, Bearingstar might be the place for you. Browse the current openings today!