Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance

Your home is not only your castle, it’s likely your most important and valuable asset.

That’s why it makes sense to protect it in every way you can. Yet no matter how well you guard your home against theft, fire, vandalism, or severe weather, sometimes things happen that are out of your control. That’s when you need a good homeowners insurance policy.

Bearingstar is your local home insurance agency, serving Massachusetts and Connecticut. Our agents live in neighborhoods like yours and are uniquely qualified to determine what kind of insurance you need to cover any damage or losses you might suffer. We’ll help you protect your dwelling, whether you need homeowners insurance, condo insurance or even renters insurance.

At Bearingstar, we’ll work with you to find a policy that not only covers your house, but also your belongings.  We’ll make sure your policy is tailored to fit you and your family as it grows and changes, no matter what life throws at you. Accidents happen, so if someone is injured on your property, rest assured we can help find you coverage for any costs you could be responsible for. And if you have a home office, let us know so we can include that in your policy—we can even cover you for identity theft and other risks such as earthquake and flood if needed.

With so many home insurance options available, why not choose to work with agents who live and work right in your community? Call us today for a home insurance quote, or request a homeowners insurance quote online.

Trust Bearingstar to keep you and your family protected