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Renters Insurance

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It’s been said that home is where your heart is, which is often interpreted to mean that home is where your stuff is. And no matter if you own or rent, your personal belongings can be what makes a place feel like home, so even if you don’t own the home you live in, it makes sense to protect what you have with a comprehensive renters insurance policy.

A good renters insurance policy will be streamlined to fit your unique needs. It will cover you and your belongings, whether you live in house, an apartment or wherever else you call home. A renters insurance policy will also protect you against personal liabilities, much like a homeowners policy protects a homeowner.

If you’ve ever packed up and moved to a new location, you know how important your household items are to keeping you comfortable wherever you land. Personal belongings like your computer, your bike, your clothing and even appliances that you’ve accumulated over time are an important part of making a space feel like home, and can be costly if stolen or damaged by fire or other threats. Since the cost of your renters insurance is based on the personal assets you want to protect and the level of liability you need to cover yourself and any guests, it’s often more affordable than you would think.

To choose the right renters insurance in Massachusetts or Connecticut, call on your local Bearingstar Insurance agent. We know the Massachusetts and Connecticut rental market and will guide you through the process of selecting the coverage that covers your unique living situation.

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Looking for Rental Property Insurance?

 It goes without saying that if you own a rental property, your insurance needs will be different from those of your primary residence. Rental property insurance, also sometimes called dwelling fire insurance, is designed to provide you with the protections needed for a residence you own but do not live in.

When helping you find rental property insurance, your Bearingstar agent will help you asses the cost to replace your building, property liability, and, of course, loss of rent in case the dwelling becomes temporarily uninhabitable due to a covered loss. In most cases, you won’t be responsible for insuring your tenants’ contents but it’s wise to encourage your renters to carry a renters insurance policy to cover their belongings.

With so many insurance options available, why not choose to work with agents who live and work right in your community? Call us today for a quote, or request a renters insurance quote online.

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