Connecticut Renters Insurance

Connecticut Renters Insurance

Protect Your Dwelling with Connecticut Renters Insurance

In Connecticut, renters insurance is not mandated by law, but your landlord can stipulate that purchase it in your lease. Whether required or not, renter’s insurance makes sense, especially since most Connecticut landlords’ insurance policies don’t cover your household goods.

Just because you don’t own a home doesn’t mean your belongings aren’t valuable. Consider what would happen if your dwelling suffered a fire, with all the smoke and water damage that accompanies such an event. In Connecticut, renter’s risks include theft, household flooding from severe weather, power fluctuations that could damage your electronic devices, and others.  When looking for Connecticut renters insurance, it makes sense that you find an agent that understands your specific needs, and will help you determine the replacement value of the goods you care about.

Think you don’t need an agent because you can buy a policy online? Think again. You don’t want to wait until you suffer an accident or loss to discover that your policy doesn’t cover your particular situation. Your local Bearingstar agent is an expert in insurance coverage, will explain how to document your belongings, show you ways to guard against risk, and make sure that your coverage is just right for your situation.  Doesn’t it make sense to find an agent who lives where you live?

Find a Connecticut Bearingstar renter’s insurance agent in your area; we have offices all over the state. From Avon in Hartford County, to Fairfield on Connecticut’s beautiful Gold Coast, to Southbury in historical New Haven County, and Mansfield Center in Tolland County, you’ll find an agent who understands your insurance needs.

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