Holiday Safety Tips for Lithium Batteries

Holiday Safety Tips for Lithium Batteries

Dec 04 2023

Holiday Safety Tips for Lithium Batteries

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It’s officially the holiday season! From the gifts you’re giving to the decorations you’re hanging and the travel plans you’re booking, the Bearingstar team would like to help you make sure that whatever you’ve got planned goes as smoothly and safely as possible. This is why we want to use this blog to alert you to one of the biggest, and maybe the most underestimated, dangers of the holiday season—lithium batteries. These smaller, but very mighty, batteries are found in virtually everything that’s fun, exciting, and holiday-related, including the electronic devices, smart gadgets, and tech toys you’re gifting, as well as the string lights, flameless candles, and LED snowmen you’re placing around your home. Of course, these batteries are also used in your everyday mobile devices, which we’re pretty sure you’ll be taking with you wherever you go this holiday season. While the risks associated with lithium batteries are always present no matter what time of year it is, it’s particularly important during the holiday season for homeowners to be aware of and to follow lithium battery safety tips, specifically those related to gifts, decorations, and travel.

Lithium Battery Safety Tips for Your Holiday Gifts, Décor, and Travel

1. Holiday Gifts

When your loved one unwraps their new VR headset, e-bike, or e-scooter, they are going to be super eager to use it immediately. But whether the gift recipient is a youngster or an adult, put the brakes on and take the time to review the manufacturer’s directions together so that everyone understands the procedures for safe use and charging first. Following are a few simple tips from the National Fire Protection Association to help make sure any gifts you give that are powered by lithium-ion batteries bring immense enjoyment rather than lead to an emergency:

  • Check to make sure the battery is not damaged and that compartments are secure and hidden to prevent curious little hands from removing the battery.
  • Only use the charging cable provided by the manufacturer, and never place the device on a flammable surface, like a bed or couch, while it is charging.
  • Store devices away from extreme temperatures, moisture, sharp objects, and areas prone to vibration or impact where they could incur physical damage.

2. Holiday Decorations

Whether you’ve invested in all-new décor this holiday season or decided to reuse the boxes of decorations that have been up in the attic the past 11 months, following are a few notable safety tips for using and storing decorative items with lithium batteries (which may also help extend the batteries’ useful life):

  • Before putting up a decoration, check the battery for signs of corrosion or other damage.
  • While decorations are up, make sure they are well out of reach of children and pets, who might mistake the button-sized shape of a lithium battery for something edible.
  • When the holidays are over, remove batteries from your decorations and store them in a cool, dry place at room temperature—a battery caddy designed specifically for long-term storage of different types of batteries is a smart way to keep them separated and organized and to minimize the risk of fire.

3. Holiday Travel

Heading out on a flight this holiday season? If so, you’ll want to learn more about the risks of bringing along your lithium battery–powered items, including your cell phone, laptop, tablet, smart watch, and, of course, those cool tech gifts you’re bringing for friends and family. Following are a few reminders from the Federal Aviation Administration on how to safely travel with these devices:

  • Always pack devices with lithium batteries in your carry-on versus your checked bag.
  • If you’re using your device in flight, keep a watchful eye out for any signs that your device or battery are starting to fail, like it’s getting hot to the touch, starting to swell or expand, or smoking.
  • If you know you won’t be using your device during a flight, it’s best to have it at a battery level of 30% or lower or to simply power it off during your trip.

Of course, lithium batteries are not the only items that pose a risk during the holidays; there are many home hazards that can interrupt this happy season. So, if something unexpected does occur, we will be here for you. Our Massachusetts team can be reached at 877-801-7424, and our Connecticut team is available at 888-519-9996. You can call us whenever you need us.

Bearingstar Wishes You and Yours a Happy and Safe Holiday Season

As we turn the calendar to another year, the Bearingstar team looks forward to continuing to provide you with many more safety tips blogs like this one. Helping you safeguard your home and the most important people and things in your life, not just during the holidays but throughout the year, will always be our No. 1 priority.

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