Tips and Insights to Prepare for Your Summer Road Trip

Tips and Insights to Prepare for Your Summer Road Trip

Aug 06 2020

Tips and Insights to Prepare for Your Summer Road Trip

Summer Vacation

More and more families are packing up and hitting the road for day or weekend trips to nearby New England states and beyond. Summer travel is in full swing, and with more people on the road on holiday weekends, we want to be sure you and you’re loved ones are safe. To help make the most of your trip, we’ve put together some tips to ensure your summer road trips are as safe and seamless as possible.

Car Maintenance

Whether you are visiting a friend in a nearby town or traveling up to the mountains, it’s essential to continue regular vehicle maintenance — especially if your car has been sitting in your driveway for months due to COVID-19. The most critical areas to check before going on a road trip are your engine fluids, radiator hoses, belts, tires, and brakes. Make sure to sufficiently inspect these critical areas of your car before you leave, as this will help ensure safety on your long drive ahead. It will also help prevent costly repairs — no one wants to spend their money or time fixing their car during a day-cation.

Heat Safety

As temperatures are hitting an all-time high this summer, it is essential to prepare for the heat by staying hydrated, having access to shade, and wearing light clothing. If you are bringing your furry best friend on your day-cation, remember to never leave them in the car. The summer heat can be hazardous for pets — even more so than it is for humans. The temperature inside a parked car in the sun can elevate to over 100 degrees within minutes, which can be fatal to pets … and humans. If you need to leave your pet in the car, leave it running with the air conditioning on and the windows open.

Safe Driving

While family trips in the car are incredibly fun, they can also be distracting. To help your driver stay focused at the wheel, avoid playing loud music, eating, and having too many passengers in your vehicle. We also suggest having your GPS programmed in advance with all stops included along the way to avoid wrong turns or audio distractions. It’s important to remember that in both Massachusetts and Connecticut it is illegal to use an electronic device in your hand while operating your vehicle. Make sure to connect your device via Bluetooth if you plan on making any calls on your long drive.

Rental Car

If getting a rental car is part of your plan, take the time to talk to your local insurance agent to determine what insurance coverage you have and what coverage you might need. In some cases, you may have certain coverages through your personal car insurance policy, but the only way to know for sure is to check with your insurance agent. Find more details in our rental car blog here.

We hope these tips help you prepare for the best day-cation! If you need more advice on summer travel tips or protecting what matters most, our team at Bearingstar is here to help. Connect with a local agent today.

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