Giving Back Through the Bearingstar Insurance Charitable Fund

Giving Back Through the Bearingstar Insurance Charitable Fund

Dec 19 2023

Giving Back Through the Bearingstar Insurance Charitable Fund

Photo compilation of the Bearingstar Insurance team giving back

There is nothing more important to Bearingstar than making a positive difference in people’s lives and in the communities we serve across Massachusetts and Connecticut. One of the ways we’ve been able to make a truly significant impact, year-to-year since 2012, is via the Bearingstar Insurance Charitable Fund (BICF). Through this fund, Bearingstar provides employees with the opportunity to engage in local service activities with their team members. In addition, the BCIF makes charitable donations to many incredible and vital local and national nonprofit organizations.

Looking back on 2023, we are very thankful to our big-hearted employees who participated in a variety of volunteer programs. In addition, we are honored to have been able to provide monetary support to so many incredible nonprofits in the area and nationwide. Following are just a few of the highlights of this past year of giving that we wanted to share:

  • Over 75 different employees across our Connecticut and Massachusetts offices participated in nearly 20 charitable or volunteer events.
  • The BICF donated more than $100K to over 43 nonprofits across Massachusetts and Connecticut.
  • Our donations supported people facing addiction, veterans, first responders, and families dealing with food insecurities, as well as organizations aiding individuals with Down syndrome, breast cancer, long-term grief, ALS, and survivors of sexual crimes and mental illness.

Behind the scenes, we are so grateful to have two highly dedicated employees who help us identify community engagement opportunities across the communities we serve. Jen Lajoie organizes our BICF activities in Connecticut, and, in Massachusetts, initiatives are managed by Lynn Walker. We thought we’d let Jen and Lynn share their personal experience with BICF:

“The BICF has not only provided me with the opportunity to give back, but has enriched my own life, reminding me of the profound impact we can have when we come together to support and uplift one another. I am grateful for the chance to be a part of this incredible initiative and to have had the privilege of making a difference in the lives of our community members facing adversity.”

Lynn Walker, BICF Coordinator, Massachusetts

“Through the BICF, we support small nonprofit organizations in towns where we work and live, so we can often see the direct impact of our efforts. But we also donate to national nonprofits whose impact is on a much larger scale. It is an incredible feeling to know that we are involved in something that helps so many people and communities across the U.S. in so many ways. I know everyone on our team feels lucky to work for an agency that provides us with the opportunity to get involved and to give back is such a substantial way.”

Jen Lajoie, BICF Coordinator, Connecticut

BICF support is achieved through the Community Gift Program of the Bearingstar Insurance Charitable Fund, a division of the Arbella Insurance Charitable Foundation, Inc. Please note that donations made by the BICF are by invitation only.

At Bearingstar, we are committed to continuing to assist those in need and our mission is to have a lasting, positive impact on people, organizations, and communities across Connecticut and Massachusetts, and beyond.

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