5 Preventable Home Insurance Claims and How to Avoid Them

5 Preventable Home Insurance Claims and How to Avoid Them

May 14 2020

5 Preventable Home Insurance Claims and How to Avoid Them

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No matter how careful you may be, accidents do happen. Although it’s true that accidents account for some claims, many home insurance claims can be entirely preventable by the homeowner. There are little things you can do every day to prevent some of the most common claims that we at Bearingstar see all the time. To help you avoid these “could be claims,” we put together the following tips and insights:

Kitchen Fires

As we may find ourselves distracted by a million things these days, it’s important to stay focused while cooking in the kitchen. Say you decided to spend the day making Bolognese sauce but need to run a quick errand to the local pharmacy. Even if your sauce is on a simmer it still has the potential to burn your house down. If you are simmering, baking, or roasting food, check it regularly, remain in the home while food is cooking, and use a timer to remind yourself that you are cooking. Remember, cooking fires are the #1 cause of home fires and home injuries!

Roof Leaks and Collapses

Now that spring has arrived it’s important to check your roof for any leaks. During the winter, large buildups of snow and ice can cause a roof to collapse. Basic roof maintenance, such as cleaning gutters and replacing shingles, is the best way to prevent a leak. Checking for missing shingles and trimming overhanging tree branches will also help avoid the risk of a leak.

Electrical Fires

Electricity can make our lives easier, but lest we forget, electrical fires result in $1.5 billion in direct property damage every year. Be sure to reroute cords around rugs and use certified power strips, even if that means investing a little more money in quality products. Don’t overload your outlets or place furniture against heaters, too. That’s a great way to start an unnecessary fire. It’s also a good idea to have all appliances professionally installed by electricians.

Water Damage

It’s not just heavy storms that can cause water damage in your home — washing machines and dishwashers are often causes of water leaks. Properly maintaining these appliances will help prevent future water damage. The rubber hoses attached to a washing machine will eventually dry out, crack, and leak. A best practice is to replace these hoses every three years.

Stolen Belongings

While you may be excited about that upcoming vacation you planned, avoid publicly announcing you are going away. For a burglar, that might as well be an invitation. Investing in an alarm system is a great way to protect your belongings and home while you’re out of town. Even asking a neighbor to bring in your mail and check on the house every once in a while is a great way to prevent any break-ins and stolen belongings.

You have worked hard building your home, don’t let one preventable mistake wreck that arduous work. At Bearingstar we have agents in communities throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut ready to help you. Contact a local Bearingstar agent today to get the personalized service you deserve!

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