How to Support Small Businesses this Holiday Season

How to Support Small Businesses this Holiday Season

Nov 19 2020

How to Support Small Businesses this Holiday Season

The holiday season is an important one for small businesses every year, and it posed to take on heightened importance in 2020. The spread of COVID-19 has more and more people hunkering down and staying inside. As a result, many small businesses are struggling to survive or have had to shut down.

With many small businesses feeling the financial crunch this year, it is more important than ever to support our local business owners by shopping small.  Keep reading to learn how you can help small businesses this holiday season.

Buy gift cards or certificates.

One way to put immediate cash into your local small business is by purchasing a gift card or gift certificate for future use. While the business may not be able to accept it right now, you can plan for later, and it gives the businesses immediate cash to help tide them over during this crisis. 

Shop Local

Instead of shopping at big store chains, do some research and find a local store, restaurant, or service to support.  By shopping at a small business in your town, you are not only helping this business, but you are contributing to your local economy.

Head to their website to see if they are accepting online orders or visit their location for social distancing shopping. For restaurants, consider ordering a meal prep kit or takeout to give to a loved one or to enjoy a holiday meal at home.

Share on Social Media

If you can’t afford to go out or have sufficiently stocked up with what you need, encourage your friends and followers to support local businesses. Most small businesses have some form of social media. Share their posts so those in your circle can see it and support it, too.  It may encourage support from others in the community. If there is a local business you frequent that you love, leave them a good review, which can lead to more potential customers and more business.

Shop local online

Big box retailers have traditionally dominated online shopping. However, many small businesses increased their e-commerce capabilities to generate revenue. Shoppers concerned about shopping in person this holiday season should explore the delivery and curbside pickup options available at locally owned small businesses. Many businesses that have not traditionally been allowed to deliver, such as breweries and wineries, have been able to do so during the outbreak, giving consumers unlimited online shopping options.

Donate to Community Relief Funds

Whether you’re donating money, time, or even just helping promote the business on social media, it takes very little time and energy to support the people and organizations in the community you love. Many local businesses or towns have organized relief efforts or grants to help local businesses survive during these tough times. Consider donating or volunteering at a local organization that may be understaffed because of COVID-19.

At Bearingstar, we have been lucky to work with incredible small businesses.  We understand that small businesses are the backbone of many communities, and the holiday season provides a great opportunity to support them as they look to recover from a difficult year.

Our local agents live in the same communities as you do. When you work with a local Bearingstar agent, you are also helping the economy that you live in. Contact us today for any insurance needs.

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