Three Easy Steps to Defend Against a Cyber Attack. Bearingstar Cyber Security Tip #4

Three Easy Steps to Defend Against a Cyber Attack. Bearingstar Cyber Security Tip #4

Nov 21 2016

Three Easy Steps to Defend Against a Cyber Attack. Bearingstar Cyber Security Tip #4

When you’re feeling a little nervous in your home at night, you probably turn on the security system and double lock the doors, right? That’s precisely what Bearingstar suggests you do with anything in your office – online and offline – that might have information that could lead to a data breach at your company.

Cyber Security Recommendation #4: Three ways to ensure your company is always in “lock down”:

1. Guard Your ComputerMalware is that nosy neighbor who uncannily seems to know exactly when you are leaving the house because that’s the precise time they show up at your door. How do you avoid inviting this nuisance, meaning the malware, inside? Comodo, a leading internet security provider, suggests you invest in “security guards” otherwise known as Firewalls, Antivirus software and Anti-Spyware software, that will alert you to an intruder, create a barrier between you and that threat, and remove the unwanted party before it causes any damage. Also, as mentioned earlier, you have the power to make it extremely difficult for malware to get into your systems by using lengthy and complex passwords. Finally, Comodo recommends that you check the security and privacy settings of your internet browser, where malware plans its attacks, are at a level that you desire for protection. If you don’t want your malware (or your neighbor) to track your movements, then increase both settings.

2. Protect Online and Offline Files – Fraudsters will stop at nothing, including dumpster diving, to find a way to infiltrate your company. That’s why all cyber security experts agree that your employees should shred any document that is thrown away or recycled. In addition, it is strongly recommended that you don’t leave files with sensitive information unlocked, regardless if you’re stepping away from your office for just a minute or closing up for the night. This includes securing, in locked position, any paper files, your USB drive, your computer, and any mobile devices. Keep keys with you at all times, and whatever you do, don’t label them with hints like “file cabinet” or “customer credit card information.” Finally, if you’re the last one out of the building, it’s never a good idea to skip setting the security alarm and it’s always a great idea to double check you locked the door.

3. Safeguard Your Investment – There is one last line of defense you can put in place now in case all of your company’s best practices fail to protect you from cyber crime and a subsequent data breach. Data Breach Protection can help you effectively and quickly manage a breach crisis should it happen to you. Through our top national carriers, our team has access to this unique insurance coverage that restores your business’ reputation, guides you in handling a breach, and assists with regulatory compliance. In addition, data breach insurance covers expenses related to your response to the attack including mailing notification letters, credit monitoring services, and public relations. Finally, this important protection provides coverage for defense and liability expenses in the event you are sued because of this breach. Essentially, having this type of coverage in place is like putting an impenetrable padlock on your company and everything you have invested in it.

Remaining Proactive Is The Best Way To Defend Against Cyber Attacks

Being aware of your company’s cyber security risks is a great first step, but equally important is taking immediate and appropriate action to protect yourself, your employees and your business against today’s cyber criminals. This includes having the appropriate business insurance in place so that you are prepared in case of a cyber attack or data breach.

Bearingstar’s experienced insurance professionals in Massachusetts and Connecticut are here to support you with customized insurance programs tailored to your specific business risks and needs. Contact us today for more information.

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