4 Common Summer Insurance Claims and How to Avoid Them

4 Common Summer Insurance Claims and How to Avoid Them

Jul 22 2022

4 Common Summer Insurance Claims and How to Avoid Them

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Vacations, barbecues, pool days, and road trips—summer is here, and we couldn’t be happier. But with summer fun comes more than a few liabilities. From unattended homes to backyard fires, we’re sharing some of the most common summer insurance claims and our tips for how to avoid them.

1. Outdoor fires

Cookouts and campfires are some of the best parts of summer. Any fire comes with risks. To enjoy your outdoor fire safely, here are a few tips:

  • Never leave a fire unattended—Always be alert and have your eye on the fire.
  • Fully extinguish the fire—Use sand to make sure your fire is put out. Let any coals cool completely after use and dispose in a metal container. NEVER dispose of coals in a plastic container.
  • Require adult supervision—Until the first has completely cooled, an adult should always be supervising.
  • Place the fire away from your home—Be sure your fire pit is far away from your home, deck, or any low-hanging trees

2. Pool accidents

It’s important to remember that no matter how good of a swimmer they are, children can drown in as little as an inch or two of water. Pools, hot tubs, ponds, and other backyard water features are interesting to children, so it’s vital to make sure you have appropriate measure in place to protect them. Some of these measures are also legally required in some states and towns:

  • Fence it—Install a lockable, rigid-cover fence around all fours sides of your pool or water feature
  • Never leave children unattended—Supervise children in or near water at all times
  • Jump safely—Teach children to enter the water feet first and never dive in any pools unless they have a designated diving area, no matter how deep they are.
  • Keep chemicals covered—Tightly cover water treatments and chemical mixture when not in use

3. Car accidents

Before heading out on vacations and road trips, it’s a good idea to review these summer driving safety tips:

  • Adjust your travel time—Drive earlier or later in the day to avoid the hottest parts of the day.
  • Follow the speed limit—Police officers will be watching the roads carefully in the summer to help reduce dangers. So drive the posted speed limit to keep yourself safe and prevent you from getting a traffic ticket.
  • Watch out for teen drivers—With school out of session, more teens will be on the road and distractions and lack of driving experience can inhibit sound judgment.
  • Inspect your tires—To prevent tire blowout caused by heat, check your tire tread and pressure.
  • Check your car’s fluid levels—Fill up your gas tank to avoid being stranded, make sure your oil is changed every three months, and be sure to have enough washer fluid.
  • Keep your car from overheating—Make sure you check your engine coolant, electric fan, radiator, and fan belt before you hit the road.

4. Home burglaries

If you’re going to be away from home for several days, make sure you have a plan in place to keep your home protected. Here’s a list of tips to help minimize your risk of a home break-in while you’re away.

  • Take a social media break—Wait until you’re home to share your activity over social media.
  • Reach out to a trusted neighbor or friend—Let them (not everyone) know you’ll be away and ask them to keep watch and stop by the house to collect mail and packages.
  • Create the illusion someone is home—Set timers on your lights, leave lights or radios on, or install outdoor motion sensor lights to create the impression someone is home.
  • Unplug and turn off appliances—Conserve energy, save money on your bills, and reduce risk of a fire hazard by unplugging and turning off all appliances in your home.
  • Lock up and tell your alarm company—Make sure all windows and doors are closed and locked, and if you have an alarm system, turn it on and alert the alarm company of your travel dates.

Make Sure You’re Covered

Summer is one of our favorite times of year, too, and we want you to enjoy it safely. If the worst happens, you’ll want to be prepared. This summer, make sure you, your loved ones, and your property are properly insured. Our agents are here to help every client understand your unique insurance needs and can help navigate any changes you may need to make to your existing coverage. Contact us today to learn more.

Contact a local Bearingstar Insurance agent to see how you can protect your home, pool, watercraft, automobile, and more—and all year round.


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