Checking-In On Your Insurance Policies

Checking-In On Your Insurance Policies

Jun 04 2019

Checking-In On Your Insurance Policies

Life can change fast — sometimes a lot faster than you anticipate, and while these changes are often exciting, it’s important to make sure your insurance policies are keeping up with you! Things like getting a new car, renting your first apartment, buying a home, getting married, having children, starting a business, or retiring all constitute life changes that likely require a review of your policies. At Bearingstar Insurance, we understand that insurance can be one of the last considerations when approaching an exciting milestone, which is why we’ve put together the following list of scenarios to help you understand when to check in with your local insurance agent

Getting a New Car

Purchasing a new car is a great time to revisit your auto policies to make sure you are properly covered. In general, while there are state required minimums for car insurance, we always recommend discussing the limits of your policy with your local insurance agent. As new cars come equipped with more and more technology, the value of cars is increasing — as is the cost of repairs. Your insurance agent will help you determine the best amount of coverage to make sure you are fully protected on the road. For more on auto insurance or to request a quote visit our car insurance page.

Renting A New Apartment Or Buying/Selling Your Home

Whether you’re settling into your first apartment or moving into your dream home, any change in living situation is an ideal time to review your insurance policies.

Renters will want to consider the benefits of having a comprehensive renters policy. A renters insurance policy not only offers coverage for your personal belongings, it also provides liability coverage in case of an accident and additional living expenses in case you are forced to relocate due to a covered loss, like a fire.

Whether you’re a new homeowner or simply upgrading or downsizing — we understand that you’ve worked hard to purchase your home and you’ll want to make sure your homeowners insurance provides you the proper coverage so that you can enjoy your investment for years to come. As you move, consider making a home inventory to ensure you have the right amount of personal property coverage.

We also recommend considering an umbrella insurance policy if you don’t already have one. This insurance option offers additional liability coverage beyond the limits of your existing insurance policies — which can be a great comfort to any homeowner.

Getting Married Or Having Children

Getting married? Starting your family? There is no more pertinent time to review your policies than when your family grows in size, whether it’s by one or even more!

If you recently got married, don’t forget to talk to your insurance agent about updating your renters or home insurance policy as you combine households. Think about any new items you may have purchased or been gifted — valuables may require additional insurance coverage, which your local agent can help you determine. This is also a great time to either update or purchase your first life insurance policy.

And if your family is growing with the exciting arrival of children, reviewing your life insurance policy is a must! Your children are dependent upon you financially and you’ll want to ensure that they are financially provided for under any circumstances. Learn about what types of policies can be best for families here.

Starting a Business

If you’re finally taking the next step to make your hobby, dream, or passion a reality by launching your own small business, you’ll need to make some serious insurance considerations — and your Bearingstar Insurance commercial insurance agent will be there every step of the way to guide you and ensure you’re protected against the unexpected.

Have more questions about when to update your policies? A local Bearingstar Insurance agent would be happy to assist. Visit our website to connect with one today:


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