Connecticut Homeowners Insurance

Connecticut Homeowners Insurance

Your Connecticut home is special, your homeowners insurance should be too.

Connecticut is famous for more than its state song, Yankee Doodle. Besides being known as the Nutmeg State, Connecticut is where the hamburger and Frisbee were invented. Whether you love Connecticut because of its year-round beauty, its renowned women’s basketball team, stunning fall foliage, endless hiking possibilities, or any other of a multitude of reasons, you know that even paradise has its challenges. That’s why the right homeowner’s insurance is so important.

Along with all the beauty, the fact is, as a Connecticut homeowner, no matter where you live in the state, your property is subject to damage from thunderstorms, flash floods, blizzards, hurricanes, frozen pipes, electrical outages and tornadoes. With homeowners insurance, you know that if disaster strikes, your home is covered, so you can quickly get it back to the state it was in before.

Although it may be tempting to choose a policy online, having an agent who lives where you live will ensure that you don’t get caught without critical coverage for events a local resident would be looking out for. Your local Bearingstar agent can help you realistically assess your property value and the risks in your town and region to come up with the coverage that is just right.

It makes sense to use an agent who lives where you live and understands your concerns. Find your local Bearingstar agent today.

Find a Connecticut Bearingstar homeowner’s insurance agent in your area; we have offices all over the state. From Avon in Hartford County, to Fairfield on Connecticut’s beautiful Gold Coast, to Southbury in historical New Haven County, and Mansfield Center in Tolland County, you’ll find an agent who understands your insurance needs.

Find your agent today.

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