If you rent a home or an apartment, consider investing in renters insurance

The renters (tenants) policy covers you and your belongings, and protects against personal liabilities (similar to how a homeowners policy protects a homeowner).

Personal belongings consist of household items, such as computers, TVs, clothing, and some appliances, just to name a few. The cost of your policy will depend on how much of your personal assets you wish to protect. Liability coverage protects you in the event that someone accidentally gets hurt in your apartment.

Your Bearingstar Insurance agent can help you understand the specifics of renters insurance and will guide you through the process of selecting the coverage that is right for you.

Rental Property Insurance (available in Massachusetts only)

If you own a rental property, your insurance needs will differ from those of your primary residence. Rental property insurance, also sometimes called dwelling fire insurance, is designed to provide you with the special protections needed for a residence you own but do not live in.

When determining how much coverage you need for your rental property, consider the cost to replace the building, property liability, and, of course, loss of rent in case the dwelling becomes temporarily uninhabitable due to a covered loss. In most cases, you need very little contents coverage, but you may want to encourage your renters to acquire it to cover their belongings.