Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance to Reduce Risk Exposure.

You’ve worked hard for the assets you have—it doesn’t make sense to risk them all because of a simple mistake or unforeseen accident. That’s what an umbrella policy is for; an extra layer of coverage that protects you over and above your personal home, auto and other policies.

Besides the obvious things like your home and possessions, you’ve likely amassed other assets in the way of checking and savings accounts, retirement savings, investments, college funds, etc. If you are sued and your homeowners and other liability policies don’t cover the costs incurred, your assets—and in some cases, even future earnings—can be drawn on to cover the costs. If such a claim is made against you, your personal umbrella policy will take over when your other policies have exceeded their limits

Serving the local Massachusetts and Connecticut communities, Bearingstar can help you determine if an umbrella policy is right for you. Your agent will help you determine which risks you may face based on your lifestyle and activities, the value of your assets, and any long-term consequences that could arise from a serious claim. The total cost of a liability claim can multiply quickly, so it’s important you get the right umbrella policy to cover your unique risk exposure. Balancing the cost of premiums with having adequate protection will be taken into account when discussing an umbrella policy, and to be eligible, you must have certain underlying limits of coverage.

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Conneticut Asset Calculator

Umbrella insurance protects you above and beyond the limits of your existing policies. In Connecticut, there are complex laws about which assets and portions of your future income are exposed to liability in case you or a family member are found negligent. Certain types of assets and income are exempt from judgments while others are not. To help you determine how much coverage you may need to keep you protected in the event that you have a loss, Bearingstar has created this easy-to-use asset protection estimator. By filling in the values of your key assets and your monthly income in the “Assets” boxes below, you will be able to quickly get an idea of the range of assets you need to protect.

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